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Welcome to the Division of Administrative Law Appeals’ (DALA) Online Case Filing Site
This site allows Petitioners or their counsel to file a case with DALA’s General Jurisdiction Unit, submit supporting documentation and *pay filing fees, if applicable.
DALA handles administrative appeals involving twenty state agencies. Online filing is available for appeals that are to be filed directly with DALA from final actions by the following agencies:
    Attorney General – Fair Labor
    Department of Conservation and Recreation
    Disabled Person Protection Commission
    Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
    Elder Affairs
    Local and Regional Retirement Boards
    Massachusetts veterans’ services
    Nursing home rate setting
    Public employee retirement
Disclaimer: Some agency decisions are appealable directly to DALA; some other decisions are appealable to the agency, with the agency then transferring the appeal to DALA. The written decision you received from an agency that you wish to appeal will list where you should file your appeal and what the deadline is for filing. Please note that untimely appeals will be dismissed.
You must send a copy of your appeal to the agency that made the decision
In addition to filing your appeal with DALA, you must also send the agency a copy of your appeal. In some cases, it is required by law. In other cases, it protects you--because the agency will pause enforcement of certain orders if there is a pending appeal.
For cases involving the Disabled Persons Protection Commission, you may send a copy of your appeal to: DPPCPetitions@mass.gov.
For cases involving the Fair Labor Division (of the Office of the Attorney General), you must file your appeal within 10 days of receipt with both DALA and the Fair Labor Division. Copies for the Fair Labor Division can be mailed to:
Attorney General,
Fair Labor Division, Civil Citation Unit
1 Ashburton Place, Rm. 1813
Boston, MA 02108
For all other agencies, review the specific order you are appealing as it likely has instructions on where to send a copy of the appeal and how (e-mail, fax, etc.). Alternatively, contact the agency directly.
* Electronic filing fee payments are processed by a contracted third party who will charge a transaction fee at the time of payment.